Virtual tour - Fascist Architecture in Milan: building a dictatorship

Book: Virtual tour - Fascist Architecture in Milan: building a dictatorship

duration 1 hour
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"We must create a new art, an art of today, a Fascist art” (Mussolini)

Milan was the birthplace of Fascism, founded here by Mussolini in 1919. That’s why the Fascist Regime decided to make the city a poster of its new architectural style, heavily influenced by modernism. Our virtual tour will start at the monumental Central Railway Station and will go on exploring the most iconic fascist buildings in Milan, ending with the imposing Financial District and the controversial “finger” of Cattelan, a contemporary reflection on the meaning of dictatorships.

For every tour you book with us we will donate 1 Euro to support the Italian Cultural Heritage.

The itinerary

Discover one of the darkest period in XX century history through its architectural mark. During this virtual tour, we are going to focus on the architectural language of the Fascist Regime, outlining how fascists dreamed to reshape the city.

Fascist Milan - Few people know that Fascism started in Milan, in 1919: we will travel back in time and discover how the city was renovated with new buildings, infrastructures and hidden symbols - most of them still standing in the heart of Milan.  

Itinerary - The itinerary spans from the Piazza San Babila, where the fascists built the first skyscraper of Milan, to Piazza Affari, where you will discover how an Italian contemporary artist has ironically subverted the pompous fascist financial district.

What you can expect

A virtual walking tour through Milan’s City Center discovering monuments from the Fascist Age, from Piazza San Babila to Piazza Affari passing by Piazza Duomo and the neighbouring streets. 
Our expert guide will show you the permanent mark fascist age left in the very heart of the City.

And finally, prepare a glass of your favourite drink (Prosecco Spritz if you want to do it the Milanese way ;) ) and get ready for a virtual toast: you will meet other attendees, discover tips and tricks and unexpected glimpses of the city thanks to our passionate licensed tour guide, 100% Milanese and cool.

After this we are sure you can´t wait to come and see Milan for real!

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