Leonardo's biography in a post-it note

Personal details

Born in the Tuscan village of Vinci in 1452; died near the Royal Château d'Amboise in France in 1519.

Contact details

Unavailable but he has appointed Leonardo in Milan as his PR company. They will tell you everything you need to know.

Job title

Painter, inventor, civil and military engineer, event organizer, expert in anatomy, physics and anything else you can think of.


*The Milanese periods: around 1481-1483 Leonardo moved to Milan to work at the Court of the Duke Ludovico Sforza as a military engineer, sculptor and painter. He then left the city in 1499 when Milan fell under the control of the French King Louis XII.
*After a period spent in Florence, Leonardo returned to Milan in 1506 when Charles II Amboise, Governor of Milan, wrote to the Signoria of Florence requesting Leonardo's services. Leonardo remained there until around 1511 when the French lost control of Milan.
*Most significant works still in Milan: the Last Supper, the Portrait of a Musician, the 'Sala delle Asse', the Codex Atlanticus and the Codex Trivulzianus.


Well, to be honest, none. Leonardo made thousands of drawings and sketches even using the same piece of paper again and again. We have to thank his pupils, art historians and collectors who have gathered all his notes, after Leonardo's death, attempting to preserve the output of such a genius for future generations.

Best quote

Learning never exhausts the mind