The Best of Milan + Last Supper guaranteed entrance

Book: The Best of Milan + Last Supper guaranteed entrance

duration 3 hours
language English
pricing 67 euros per person (Last Supper entrance is included)

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Enjoy all the "must-see" in Milan with a walking tour that ensures you won´t miss a thing!

Walk through the historic center of Milan to discover the most significant cultural sites and the history of the city. Don´t miss the chance to discover all the iconic places in Milan in a unique half-day tour! 

Piazza Scala: the guide will present the history of this world-famous theatre in which great singers and conductors, such as Giuseppe Verdi, performed.

 Watch our video about La Scala Opera House 

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele: the first “shopping mall” in Italy, a fascinating site rich in history.

Piazza Duomo and its architectural miracle: the Cathedral, one of Europe’s most beautiful buildings and the symbol of the city. 

 Watch our video about the Duomo cathedral 

The Sforza Castle: home to power, intrigue, splendor and severe downfalls of the lords of the city. We will explain you how the Castle evolved from military architecture to splendid palace, and will give you directions and suggestions on how to visit its great museums by yourself, after the tour is finished.

 Watch our video about the Sforza Castle 

The Last Supper Museum: you will personally experience this extraordinary artwork. Discover the charm of the Last Supper in the silence of the friars’ refectory, observe the astonishment, embarrassment and agitation conveyed by the Apostles’ bodies and faces. 

  Watch one of our guides explaining why you should see the Last Supper


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