Renaissance food and wine tasting

Book: Renaissance food and wine tasting

duration 1h and 30 min
language English
pricing 10 euros per person

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«il vino è bono, ma [perciò] l’acqua avanza» (Wine is good, that´s why water is left) (Leonardo da Vinci) 

Imagine Leonardo da Vinci having a drink in the local tavern with his friends, what do you think he would drink?  Definitely wine! We know that for sure because some of his shopping lists have survived until today. He even had his own vineyard, a present from the Duke Ludovico il Moro, located not too far from Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Our Renaissance aperitif will take you back in time to the court of Ludovico il Moro and his wife Beatrice d’Este: an immersive experience involving all your senses!

The “Duke’s Court” has now moved to via Medici 15, our venue, located in Milan’s city center: here you will have the opportunity to taste five different dishes, cooked according to original recipes by Martino da Como, chef at the Sforza Castle in the XV century.



Royal treat at the times of Leonardo da Vinci!  You will also try a delicious dessert, the so-called “cavvi di latte”, the sweet ancestor of an ice cream, made with honey, sugar, orange and cream.

The meal will be accompanied by spiced white wine, Renaissance music and some stories about the court of Ludovico il Moro and Beatrice d´Este to complete the atmosphere. 


At our cultural centre Art in the city, in Via Medici, 15, just 10 minute walk from the Duomo


The smell, the taste and the sound of the Renaissance: Martino da Como handed his recipes down, and Giovanna Motta, an expert in food history and traditions, brings them back to life for you!  An experience that will make you feel the flavor of those days, old but never forgotten. 

Giovanna Motta studied at Milan´s Conservatory and Pavia´s University. Later she specialized in historical cuisine in Paris. Moreover, in 1982 she founded the ensemble Adelchis, a group performing music of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.


What we offer is a real cultural adventure, a chance to get closer to a complex and fascinating period of history. Our Renaissance aperitif is an engaging and pleasant way to discover the charm of good old days.

Practical info

The aperitif lasts about 90 minutes and is held in "Art in the City" cultural centre, in Via Medici 15 (about 10-minute walk from the Duomo, a side street of via Torino).

You can reach us:

by subway (lines 1 and 3 - Stop Duomo, line 2  - Stop S. Ambrogio) or

by tram (line 2, 3, 14 - stop on Via Torino - Santa Maria Valley).


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