Virtual tour - The Best of Milan

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duration 1 hour
language English
pricing 9 euros per person (or per connection)

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Do you miss Milan? We do!

Did you need to cancel your trip to Milan? No problem! Get a light taste of what your trip would have been like and enjoy our city directly from your sofa with the same excellent tour guides you booked!
Prepare a glass of your favourite drink and get ready for a virtual toast: similarly to a live experience you will meet other attendees, discover tips and tricks and unexpected glimpses of the city thanks to our passionate licensed tour guide, 100% Milanese and cool.
Virtually marvel at Piazza Duomo and its architectural miracle, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele the first “shopping mall” in Italy and Piazza Scala thanks to the super high-definition images provided by Google Maps and Google Arts & Culture.
After this original experience we are sure you can´t wait to come and see Milan for real!
Remember that for every tour you book with us we will donate 1 Euro to support the Italian Cultural Heritage.

The itinerary

Piazza Duomo and its architectural miracle: the Cathedral, one of Europe’s most beautiful buildings and the symbol of the city. 

 Watch our video about the Duomo cathedral 

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the first shopping mall and La Scala Opera House, one of the most famous opera theatre in the world!

 Watch our video about La Scala Opera House 

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