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Renaissance Milan: Last Supper, San Maurizio Church and Santa Maria delle Grazie

Book: Renaissance Milan: Last Supper, San Maurizio Church and Santa Maria delle Grazie

duration 2 hours and 30 minutes
language English
pricing 65 euros per person (Last Supper entrance is included)

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Thanks to this guided tour you will have the opportunity to discover the absolute masterpieces of the city of Milan and travel through the places that have marked the life of Leonardo da Vinci!

Let yourself amazed by the frescoes of San Maurizio Church and after a short walk you will reach the magnificence of Santa Maria delle Grazie Church and you will discover the Last Supper masterpiece.

San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore Church

The church is called "the Sistine Chapel of Milan" and its simple and bare façade hides, like a real treasure chest, more than 2500 square meters of frescoes distributed on the walls and on the side chapels of this ancient convent church.

With our professional guide we will admire the magnificent fresco decoration realised during the Sixteenth Century by several great lombard painters but above all the work of Bernardino Luini, whose bright painting reflects the great innovations brought by Leonardo da Vinci to the city of Milan. The attention for the details, the sense of space and movement combined with a great sweetness in the representation of faces make every corner of this place a fascinating discovery.

Santa Maria delle Grazie Church

Take a very ambitious Duke, Ludovico il Moro, add a clever artist in search of opportunity, Leonardo da Vinci, and complete everything with the superior mind of a Renaissance archistar, Donato Bramante… You will soon get a clear picture of what Santa Maria delle Grazie could represent in that period: a great site where besides the monastery they were building ideas.

We take you through the events that linked these illustrious characters and we will unveil anecdotes and some gossips of their daily life. It will be like flying with a time machine to land in a corner of the Renaissance Milan. In fact, it doesn’t happen everyday to walk on Leonardo’s footprints in a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Last Supper

As in any special moment we have saved the best bite for last: the enchanting Last Supper in the silent refectory of the convent. We will dive into the story painted by Leonardo da Vinci and we will observe the astonishment, embarrassment and agitation coming out from the bodies and the faces of the Apostles gathered around Christ. Strong gestures and expressions that Leonardo was able to reproduce with scientific attention. You will feel into your eyes the same wonder felt by travelers of every century in front of this magnificent scene that Leonardo was able to freeze in a timeless moment, like captured with a camera of emotions.  Watch one of our guides explaining why you should see the Last Supper

Guided Tour Practical Info

* You will find our guide waiting for you in Corso Magenta between the main entrance of San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore Church and the main entrance of the The Archaeological Museum (Corso Magenta 15).
* The Guide is recognizable by our LeonardoInMilan badge. 
* This tour is available only in English. We are unable to provide audioguides in other languages as a substitute for the live presentation given by our guide.

* Inside the Church of San Maurizio only the nun´s choir is accesible for visitors with motor disabilities. Please let us know in advance in case of disabilities and use of electric wheelchair.


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