Leonardo da Vinci in Milan

Are you planning to visit Milan? Don't miss the chance of learning more about Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci lived in Milan for 25 years, in the most productive period of his life.
In Milan he left some of his more impressive and significant works. Here you can discover all the aspects of his fascinating personality, such as:

the Artist: the Last Supper, probably the most famous, influential and imitated painting of the human history (together with the Gioconda, painted by… guess who?). But not only: portrait of a musician and the beautifully frescoed Sala delle Asse
The Inventor: Leonardo’s machines are drawn in his amazing codices and represented in the Science Museum models; you can also ride his ingenious river boat.
The Engineer: discover Leonardo da Vinci’s heritage in the Milan Navigli
The Dreamer: he wanted to cast the largest bronze statue of the history. He failed, but today you can see the tribute to his dream: the majestic Leonardo’s horse.

Enjoy Milan and Leonardo da Vinci!

Would you like to learn more about Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpieces?
From September 2007 we're organizing guided tours in Milan with an exceptional guide. (Now in Italian only, but we'll soon offer English tours as well!)
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